MAP to Access for Individuals

This section of MAP to Access was written with individuals in mind. Click on the title of the article you wish to read.


Myths and stereotypes about disability still confuse health care providers and disabled patients. The preface debunks six of these myths. Read the preface.


This is an introduction to the issue and describes ways in which the other tools included in this section can be used to improve the access people with disabilities have in medical settings. Read the introduction.

Access for Disabled Women: Tell Your Doctor about Your Access Needs

This animated video talks about how you can develop a better relationship with your medical providers. View the video.

MAP Fact Sheets

MAP to Access fact sheets give you basic information about disability access to health care. You can download them, print them out, and give them to your health care providers. View the Fact Sheets.

Health Care Reform: The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is a law that was passed in 2010. It will increase options for health care and lead to important changes for people with disabilities. Learn more about this law.