Welcome to MAP to Access

MAP to Access is a comprehensive training curriculum to help you learn about your right to accessible, quality health care as required by federal law. You will receive training in self-advocacy skills to enable you to become educators and resource people for your own health providers and local health care organizations about these rights and the resources required to enable them.

MAP for Individuals

People with disabilities have greater health care needs, but often receive worse medical attention that people without disabilities. If you have a disability, you are the key to improving your own health care. MAP to Access provides you with information and tools that you can use to make sure that your medical care providers do a better job of serving you. There are basic explanations of the law, your rights, and why you should be assertive with your doctor. There are also videos and Fact Sheets that you can use to educate your medical care providers about what they need to do to keep you healthy. Enter MAP for Individuals.

MAP for Trainers

MAP views individuals as the key people in improving their own access to good medical care. However, the tools on this website may not be enough. They will need support from peers, trainers, Independent Living Centers, and others in order to gain the skills and confidence necessary to be able to communicate their needs to their medical care providers. That is why MAP has an entire section dedicated to trainers that includes all of the information that MAP provides for individuals, but also has additional articles discussing background issues in greater depth and providing tools that can be used to teach and provide support for groups of individuals. Individuals can also look at this section if they want greater detail. Enter MAP for Trainers.