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Miami Woman Reaches Employment Goal with Support From Best Buddies Job Consultant

by Kevin Devine, Best Buddies Jobs, Miami, FL

When Morelys, a young woman from Miami, approached Best Buddies for assistance finding a job, Best Buddies Jobs consultant Loaidyn Gomez was immediately impressed with her positive attitude. Morelys is shy at first, but once she opens up her personality shines. Loaidyn was also impressed by Morelys’ strong motivation to work. She often does communal work at the group home where she resides, but Morelys aspired to a wage-earning job in the community. She knew that if given the opportunity, she would prove herself an effective worker.

Morelys had a difficult childhood, moving from foster home to foster home, and she was sometimes mistreated. Rather than dwelling on the past, Morelys tries to stay positive and works to improve her future. When setting her employment goals with Loaidyn, Morelys said she wanted to do housekeeping in the hospitality industry. With interview coaching and skills training from Best Buddies, Morelys did well in her interview and was offered a job with the Sonesta Hotel in Coconut Grove, a four-star property with high quality standards. She was hired as a part-time housekeeper and began her training alongside Loaidyn.

The housekeeping trainer was very impressed with Morelys’ strong motivation, intense focus and high productivity. She quickly mastered several difficult tasks. “Morelys is a perfect fit for our department,” says her supervisor. “She is a good listener and follows directions well. She also knows when to ask for help when she is not sure about something.”

The management is thrilled with Morelys’ performance and enjoys having her as part of the Sonesta team. According to Human Resource Director Ortega, “Morelys has not only proved she is up to the task, she has the ability to be a star performer.”

Now that Morelys has achieved this goal, she is setting her sights on being more independent in other areas of her life. “Maybe I’ll save for a car so I can drive myself to work,” says Morelys.