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Summer 2012 News

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How Health Care Reform Will Impact Immigrants with Disabilities

Ever since being passed in 2010, the Affordable Care Act, the law that is reforming how health care is provided in the United States, has been considered very controversial. On June 26th, 2012 the United States Supreme Court declared that the Affordable Care Act was legal. That means that the health care reforms included in the Affordable Care Act will continue to be enacted on schedule. Back in our Spring 2010 newsletter, we took a look at how this law would impact health care for immigrants with disabilities. Here we are reprinting that article with some updates related to reforms that have already taken place. Read more...

Accessible Robotic Programming Helps Teens Get into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

People with college degrees tend to earn about twice as much money as people who don’t finish college. And people who major in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math make even more and have an easier time finding jobs. The key is making sure that young people with disabilities get access to these jobs. In order to make that a reality, the World Institute on Disability, in collaboration with WizKidz and Georgia Tech’s Human-Automation Systems Lab, hosted an Accessible Robotic Programming Workshop. Read more...

Bridging the Gap – A Look at ASL, Communication, and Deaf Culture in Switched At Birth

The television series Switched at Birth, created by Lizzy Weiss and airing on the ABC Family Channel, centers around two 16-year-old girls who discover they were switched at the hospital after they were born and sent home with the wrong parents. What makes this show unique is the fact that not only is one of the main protagonists deaf, but there are multiple deaf characters within the series and the show makes an effort to accurately portray their lives. Read more...

Upcoming Opportunities

Proyecto Visión lists hundreds of opportunities for jobs, scholarships, internships, grants, awards, and other educational opportunities. Over the next month, many of these opportunities will have their application deadlines. Read more...

Updates to the Proyecto Visión Website

The Proyecto Visión website is frequently updated with information about new scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, employment opportunities, and resources that can help you learn more about how to proceed with your education, employment, and independent living goals. Read more...