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Spring 2012 News

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Giving Back Changes Lives Video Success Story

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I was born in Vietnam and got polio because my family couldn’t afford good health care. Having experienced poverty and discrimination, I applied to the Peace Corps so I could give back to society and advocate for people with disabilities in the developing world. Watch the video...

Making the Transfer from Community College to a Four-Year School

I’m going to give some advice about how to make the transfer to a four-year school go smoothly. My advice is based on my own experience: I started college at UC Berkeley, but after my freshman year, I decided to go to a community college instead. As I was finishing my Associate’s degree, I decided to reapply to UC Berkeley and other universities. In the end, both community college and my four-year university have been great experiences for me and they can be for you too. Read more...

If the Answer is Yes

When I received the acceptance e-mail from the Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) internship program early in the spring of 2011, I was shocked and a little scared. The year before, a friend of mine had told me about this program for students with one or more Taiwanese parents. At the time, I figured, “Why not apply?,” but it never really crossed my mind what I would do if I actually got in, because I didn’t really expect to be accepted. Read more...

The Unspoken

In my own experiences, one of the greatest differences between places when it comes to disability etiquette has probably been how and when people acknowledge the presence of disabilities. One of the most obvious of these differences that I have encountered revolves around the white cane. Read more...

Upcoming Opportunities

Proyecto Visión lists hundreds of opportunities for jobs, scholarships, internships, grants, awards, and other educational opportunities. Over the next month, many of these opportunities will have their application deadlines. Read more...

Updates to the Proyecto Visión Website

The Proyecto Visión website is frequently updated with information about new scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, employment opportunities, and resources that can help you learn more about how to proceed with your education, employment, and independent living goals. Read more...