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Spring 2009 News

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Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

Higher education is one of the biggest keys to financial success and independence.  On average, workers with bachelor’s degrees earn almost twice as much as those who only have high-school diplomas. However, a college education is very expensive and often, funding an education becomes one of the biggest obstacles to obtaining an education. While it may not be a topic that students enjoy thinking about, they need to keep in mind its importance and investigate their options as early as possible. Read more...

Changing Expectations: How an Internship Can Open New Doors

My name is Brandon Young, and I am a 30-year-old, six foot tall, visually impaired, bald, black male living in the San Francisco area of California. I mention all those things about myself for a reason: those are the things people notice when they first meet me. And it follows that these are the things that I am judged on; the expectations that our society places on an individual like myself are so low as to be virtually nonexistent. Read more...

Powerful and Proud – Video Success Story

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My name is Juliana Recio Calero and I grew up in beautiful Bogotá, Colombia. When I was an infant, I contracted polio and to everyone’s surprise, survived bronchial pneumonia as well as numerous surgical orthopedic procedures.  30 years later, post-polio syndrome caused me new weaknesses, pain, and fatigue. After walking with leg braces and crutches for years, I had to readjust and accept a new condition that was progressive. After fighting it for a while, I started using a wheelchair, because it gave me independence, made me faster, and helped me conserve energy. Watch the video...

Thisabled: An Online Magazine for People with Disabilities

Proyecto Visión recently spoke with Javier Robles, Deputy Director of the New Jersey Division of Disability Services and President of the new website In the past, Robles has participated in PV’s conferences and newsletters to talk about employment issues. In this interview, he links those issues with the creativity, advocacy, and entrepreneurship expressed in the different offerings of ThisAbled, including its forums, blogs, calendar, online petition, and comic strips. Read more...

Upcoming Opportunities

Proyecto Visión lists hundreds of opportunities for jobs, scholarships, internships, grants, awards, and other educational opportunities. Over the next month, many of these opportunities will have their application deadlines. Read more...

Updates to the Proyecto Visión Website

The Proyecto Visión website is frequently updated with information about new scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, employment opportunities, and resources that can help you learn more about how to proceed with your education, employment, and independent living goals. Read more...