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May-June 2005 News

Contemplating Suicide After Injury: Death Was Not an Option for Me
I wanted to die. Words of sympathy poured from the mouths of my family and friends. "You will get better. You will walk again, if you believe in God. Do you believe in God?", they would ask.

Recruiting/Hiring Latinos with Disabilities in Chicago: Some Businesses More Proactive Than Others
...I hurriedly researched Latino-owned, Chicago-based businesses for information how they got started, what services they provide, how they're run and, most importantly, whether their recruiting efforts include reaching out to and hiring Latinos and others with disabilities.

Independent Living Centers in New York City Assist Latinos with Employment, Housing Referrals
I conducted interviews with top staff at three independent living centers in New York City to find out how many Latinos they were serving, and what services were being provided. All three centers serve large numbers of Latinos.

CA Program Helps People with Disabilities Work & Keep Their Benefits
Many people with disabilities who receive Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Social Security benefits are not aware of the Medicaid Buy-In Program known in California as the 250% California Working Disabled Medi-Cal Program.

Access Services: Transportation Alternative to Navigate LA's Sprawling Streets
Most people don't give it a second thought. Getting around the city via public transportation is no big deal, right? Or is it? Thousands of Southern Californians with disabilities face the often times overlooked challenge of riding a city bus. For many, boarding the vehicle or even getting to a designated bus stop requires great will and determination.

Working to Meet the Need for Culturally Competent Mental Health Services for Latinos in Michigan
Established in 1985, El Centro La Familia is a non-profit organization located in Pontiac, Michigan. The agency provides mental health services to Oakland County's Hispanic community. Currently the staff serves approximately 325 Hispanics with mental disabilities every year.

Esperanza Del Barrio: Helping Immigrants Make a Living in Manhattan
On a typical summer day in any New York City neighborhood one might see vendors selling mangos cut into the shape of a flower, "coquitos" (similar to Italian ice in Dixie cups), "piraguas" (ice shavings flavored with juice) or even batteries on sale for a Dollar.

Independent Living Center Staff Spark Interest Among Students at Bronx Community College Events
Hostos Community College is a two-year college located in Bronx, New York. The student population at Hostos is predominantly Hispanic. Due to the large Hispanic student population - disabled and non-disabled - Hostos offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and high school equivalency classes with the opportunity to continue on to obtain an associate's degree.

Texas' HOYO Program Makes Home Ownership a Reality for Disabled People
Angel and Norma Cepeda of El Paso, Texas couldn't believe they actually owned their own home until the realtor handed them their keys. "We were all crying," said Angel Cepeda. "We aren't going to have to move anymore. We don't have to live like nomads."

Moving On: A Public Transportation Success Story in Rural California
Jesse Madrigal was working at the customer service department in a construction supply store in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1991. He had a nervous break down at age 41.

Air Acrobatics: Accessibility Not Good for Airplane Passengers with Mobility Limitations
The lack of accessibility of public and private buildings is a problem that could potentially affect any citizen. Nobody is exempt from the possibility of experiencing an illness or accident that would impair their mobility.