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Proyecto Visión Director Kathy Martinez Delivers Congressional Human Rights Caucus Briefing

By Robin Savinar

Last March Kathy Martinez, director of Proyecto Visión and member of the National Council on Disability, addressed the United States Congress regarding the proposal of a United Nations Convention about people with disabilities. The briefing she delivered described the United States’ role as a global leader in legislation, equality and rights for people with disabilities.

Martinez spoke on behalf of the Council, pointing out that: “The United Nations Convention is one way for the US to share its technical expertise and legislative achievement, provide technical assistance and the exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience to help reduce the learning curve for countries that are ready to implement new solutions.” She continued, “The United States must continue to show its leadership through its support of and involvement in the proposed Convention, in order to protect, preserve, and enforce the rights of people with disabilities everywhere.”

The Council recommended the United States government participate in a process to draft plans for the Convention in conjunction with disability leadership abroad. The Congress has not yet made a formal recommendation on behalf of the United Sates to the United Nations regarding the proposed Convention.

For the full text of the briefing and updates, visit the National Council on Disability’s website.

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