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2003 Bridges to Employment

NEWS RELEASE New York Conference on Disability & Latinos Attracts Government, Advocacy and Business Leadership
Approximately 225 Latinos, disability rights specialists, service providers and an impressive array of leaders drawn from the government and business communities participated in the second annual "Bridges to Employment" conference to explore opportunities for Latinos with disabilities. The conference - organized by Proyecto Visi´┐Żn, National Technical Assistance Center - was held August 6-9 in Manhattan.

Bridges to Employment for Latinos with Disabilities: the 2003 Proyecto Visión Conference
This year's Proyecto Visión National Training Conference, held August 6-9, enabled approximately 225 registered participants to gather together in Manhattan, New York, to exchange knowledge, advice, and resources for helping Latinos with disabilities find employment.

Dr. Robert Pasternack Says Hiring Employees with Disabilities Makes Good Business Sense
There are many reasons why the unemployment rate among people with disabilities is as high as 70 percent, says Dr. Robert Pasternack, Assistant Secretary in the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services in the U.S. Department of Education. But disability itself is not necessarily one of them.

Policy, Programs and Resources highlighted by Dr. Roy Grizzard, Assistant Secretary of Disability Employment Policy
"People with disabilities encounter barriers when looking for jobs," Grizzard told Proyecto Visión conference participants in Manhattan during his plenary presentation. "We want to tear down those barriers." He is hoping that the new Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) can help by creating and implementing creative policies that provide practical solutions.

Anel Gonzales Breaks Down the ADA in English, Spanish
At the Proyecto Visión conference, Gonzalez delivered an educational presentation on the legal rights of employees and job seekers with disabilities under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Dinah Cohen reports on Disability Initiatives of the U.S. Department of Defense
During her plenary presentation, Cohen told conference participants that CAP was established in 1990 after someone pointed out to President Clinton that, if he truly supported hiring people with disabilities in the Department of Defense, he needed to provide funding for it.