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Proyecto Visión:
How to use this website

This is a detailed site map. A simple site map is also available.

How to use this website:

The Project Vision website is divided into several main sections: Resources, News, Opportunities, Success Stories, and About Us.

We have both a simple Site Map that lists the pages on our website, and a detailed Site Map, shown below. This detailed Site Map will help you find the exact information that interests you.

Home - The homepage highlights important or new items that may be of interest to users. There is also a search box for the entire site.

Resources - These resources provide links to other websites that have more information about these issues. For listings of specific jobs, scholarships, interships, and grants, see our Opportunities page.

  • Scholarship Search Links - These links are to other websites that list scholarships or provide financial aid information. These other sites may focus on specific disabilities or on students living in certain states or attending certain universities. Others focus on scholarships for Latinos, or for minorities in general. Look at these sites and also look at our scholarship opportunities page, which has specific scholarships you can apply for, with updated links and application deadline information.
  • Professional Development & Continuing Education - These resources are designed to promote the employment of people with disabilities via information, education, and empowerment. These resources are for job seekers and include information about how to look for work, how to get job training, how to choose a career, how to run your own business, assistive technologies, and more. You can also check out our Job Search Links. If you are a student, you should look through our Internship Opportunities.
  • Latino Community Information & Resources - These are resources especially designed for the Latino community.  They are divided into several areas:
    • Education has information related to education for both disabled and non-disabled Latinos.
    • Health has links to information about Latino health issues.
    • Disability has resources related to disability in the Latino community.
    • Community includes links to Latino organizations.
    Note that Disability Information & Resources also has a lot of relevent and related links, that are also in many cases bilingual.
  • Disability Information & Resources - This list is of resources that are not directly related to employment. They are divided into the following four categories:
    • Education includes websites and articles related to education and students with disabilities.
    • Community includes websites designed for the entire disability community. They encourage people to communicate with other people with disabilities and share news, stories, and advice.
    • Services and organizations includes links to organizations and specific services for people with disabilities.
    • Issues includes specific articles and research related to different issues faced by people with disabilities. These range from basic explanations of disability laws to advice for organizations about how to provide services to the disability community.

News - These articles published in our newsletters talk about different issues faced by Latinos with disabilities, including government benefits, employment, the disability movement, education, etc.

Opportunities - These lists include information about specific job, scholarship, internship, and grant possibilities. For general information or links to other websites listing those, see our Resources section.

  • Scholarship Opportunities - These scholarship opportunities are listed in chronological order, based on their application deadlines. The list includes scholarships that are specifically aimed at Latinos and students with disabilities. The scholarships listed here include scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies. This list is meant to be a starting point in your scholarship search.  It is impossible to include every scholarship nationwide, and it is recommended that you also use Google or another search engine to search for scholarships for Latinos or based on your disability in your state.
  • Internship Opportunities - This list includes two main types of resources:
  • Educational Opportunities - These programs for young people and students with disabilities are organized by the deadline date for application. They include a number of different types of activities ranging from summer camps that teenagers can attend to study abroad programs for college students. Some of them are designed specifically for Latinos and other minority groups, while others are designed specifically for people with disabilities or people learning about disability. Scholarships are not included here.
  • Events - This calendar includes other activities and events.

Success Stories - These stories show how Latinos with disabilities have successfully gained employment, advanced in their careers, achieved educational goals, and become community leaders.

About Us - Proyecto Visión is a bilingual project to connect Latinos with disabilities to employment opportunities. This page provides information about our services and how you can best use them.